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The solution to all of your problems is already within you.

And I know how to help you draw it out! Welcome to hypnotherapy and consciousness training with me.




In service to humanity,
I offer


grow your mental power with me

My practice is grounded in a synthesis of modern research and traditional wisdom, and I love to share what I learn! Sign up to get monthly downloads about the power of the mind, workshop announcements, etc.

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I'm Julie Heusinkveld

I provide mind-body healing for the age of integral medicine.

When I was 30, my life changed - I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma.

In the process of kicking the disease (which only took 6 months!), I discovered that I and everyone else on this planet are integral, integrated beings. Our minds and bodies are not separate, and so we need care that treats our ailments and problems in a holistic way. 

Hypnotherapy is that holistic way - it is the most direct mind-body healing modality on offer today. 

My main message: everything happening in your life is here to help you be better. Learn the lessons that your suffering is trying to teach you, and your suffering will disappear. 

Does total satisfaction and perfect health sound mysterious, unattainable or fantastical? Schedule a consultation call with me and I'll let you in on the secrets to self-mastery, self-love and your highest possible path. 

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Private hypnotherapy sessions

The cornerstone of my practice and the key to total mind-body health.

A series of 3 - 10 private hypnotherapy sessions facilitates monumental, whole-life change.


Using a combination of research- and traditional wisdom-based counseling and the potent mental technology of hypnotic trance, sessions with me can totally transform how you experience your challenges, your symptoms, your life.


In session, we swing for the fences - we don't just get you feeling 'better', we get you feeling best! After resolving the acute pressures of your distinct situation, we work to find the root cause of your suffering and pull it out, creating a cascade of healing that will affect your whole way of being in the world. 

the symptom is the door

Your life's challenges are the roadmap to your growth. 

Hypnotherapy with me resolves your most pressing issues, symptoms and behaviors quickly and completely. We trace these problems back to their origins and carefully, lovingly remove them. In this way, chronic and even lifelong illnesses, fears and negative feelings can be eliminated - fast.

Beat Chronic Disease

Hypnotherapy is the most effective mind-body intervention available today. Learn to connect your mind and body and get control of your health.

Overcome Feelings of Sadness and Anxiousness

Feelings of sadness, worry, and despair are not personality traits and are not meant to be permanent. Resolve the central conflicts of your life to bring back joy and vitality.

Reduce and Eliminate Pain

Pain is an experience and a response. Learn to literally interrupt and turn down pain, and to intervene in the mind-body patterns that keep us from feeling free and comfortable in our bodies. 

Reframe traumas and wounding

No life is without conflict, trauma and pain. When unaddressed, they can indirectly cause all kinds of harm. Get to the root of things and watch your life bloom. 

Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation

Excessive weight, smoking and other unhealthy lifestyles are symptoms of something deeper. Cut the behavior and remove the cause forever in less than three months.

End Procrastination and Bad Habits

Procrastination is fear in action. If you're struggling to put your efforts towards what you want in life, addressing fear and hesitancy will free you. 

hypnotherapy with me works because i help you find your own inner strength.

With hypnotic trance, you and I will wake up your hidden power.

Within you - within all of us - is a source of infinite power. It's the power to create beautiful music or art, the power to envision and execute tremendous projects, that element within us that, if needed, could pull a car off of a kid(!)

It's the healing force, the genius force, the thing that keeps humans going in times of remarkable stress. It is love where indifference and hate would be easier. It is perseverance when giving up is so seductive. 

By working with hypnotic trance, I help you wake up this strength, for it is truly the solution to all our problems. Whether you are experiencing ill health, emotional stress and suffering or are simply 'blocked' or 'shut off' from life, giving your inner strength a voice in hypnotic trance can be the key to your transformation. When operating your life from this place, 'problems' become 'challenges', 'failure' becomes 'learning', and a cascade of healing can affect every corner of your life.

When you're ready, I'm ready to help.


Are you ready?

Book your free consultation

Hypnotherapy is an investment in your own quality of life. To ensure that it's the right modality for you, I offer free 15-30 minute video consultation calls. 

My other offerings

Nothing beats the depth and completeness that private hypnotherapy sessions can offer.


And I help people open the door to their own minds with Trance Class and private workshop events. 

Learn how to change your mind.

Curious about hypnotic trance, but not quite ready to book your sessions? 

Join me for an introduction to hypnotic trance and its uses, Trance Class, every Tuesday evening.

In Trance Class you'll learn how to guide yourself into hypnotic trance and get a taste for just how powerful relaxing your body and concentrating your mind can be for doing the work to make your best life. Don't struggle against your bad programming - fix it, directly and permanently. 

Trance Class comes in three flavors: Relax, Confidence and Inner Work. Click through to learn more and choose the introductory class that's right for you. Or, even better - sign up for all three! 

Trance Class

Private Workshops

Hire me to help your people change your world. 

Is your organization, family, friend group or business lacking inspiration, mired in bad thinking, and ready for a change? 

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist with training from "The Harvard of Hypnotherapy", I'm ready to help you get everyone on the same page and ascending to your absolute best. I'm an experienced public speaker - I've spoken to audiences of up to 100 and frequently perform group hypnosis in-person and online. 

You can learn about some of my current bespoke workshops here. Contact me for inquiries at

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