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Frequently Asked Questions

There's plenty of mystery and myth around hypnosis and hypnotic trance. Read below to get your questions answered and learn how sessions work with me. 

What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

During our first session, I'll show you how hypnosis works and teach you how to put yourself into hypnotic trance. We'll talk about your current situation and get clear about the goals for our work. Once we're set towards your goal, we'll outline a rough and flexible plan for your sessions and get right into the hypnotic process.

Each session we'll examine a different angle of the challenge you're facing, and with hypnosis we'll evolve and transform the emotions and behaviors that are driving it. Most weeks you'll receive an audio recording to reinforce the benefits of the session. Some weeks you'll have homework. All sessions are designed to be maximally effective and most folks achieve their goals with 5-8 sessions. 


Over the course of our time working together, you'll become more self-aware and we'll co-discover the core elements of your challenge. You'll re-map your story surrounding your challenge and reach real, lasting resolution

What does hypnosis do to the brain?

Hypnotic trance relaxes the body and focuses the mind, making it easier to access the deeper layers of our selves that drive our daily choices - our memories, emotions, beliefs and behavior patterns. 

Physiologically, hypnosis induces the parasympathetic, or rest-and-digest nervous system state. It is in this state that the body's repair functions are more fully operant and neurological restructuring can occur. Because the brain is not busy with its normal distractions (to-do lists, recalling and rehearsing the past, or other day-to-day thoughts) its efforts are directed towards re-configuring and re-structuring towards your desired positive outcomes. 

How long does hypnotherapy take to work?

Hypnotherapy with me is immediately effective in noticeable ways, and sustained commitment creates lasting change. Years of negative emotions and lifelong negative thought patterning can be transformed in one session, and the compounding effects of multiple sessions can resolve even the most challenging of physical, mental and spiritual ailments.


The number of sessions necessary depends on the depth and complexity of the issue, and on your willingness to resolve your problem. Some issues can be resolved in as little as 3 sessions, where others with more complexity can take up to 10 sessions. Most people feel complete with 5-8 sessions. 

How long are sessions? 

Sessions are between 45 minutes and 2 hours. The first session is almost always ~90 minutes, and subsequent sessions will be scheduled based on the length of the hypnotic protocol. 

Do people fall asleep in hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is not sleep. It is a change in mental states that deepens relaxation and concentration. It is more akin to meditation or daydreaming than sleep, in that you are awake and doing work inside your mind. During your hypnotic trance we will be actively working and you will be able to talk, think and move as normal.

Of course, sometimes sleep is the goal, and hypnosis training is a great way to get to sleep. When practicing hypnotherapy for insomnia, I make custom audio recordings targeting your specific subconscious patterning to get to sleep fast.

do people remember what happens in hypnosis?

You are fully aware during all parts of the hypnosis process and have all normal memory faculties throughout. You may even find yourself remembering more or having more vivid memories of the session than normal, as the nature of the work is sometimes heightened or profound.

How do I know if i'm hypnotizable?

Everyone is hypnotizable. Entering into hypnotic trance is a skill that every single human is capable of learning. Differences in the ability to enter trance come down to the amount of practice a person has had with changing their mental state, cultural perceptions of trance work and willingness to learn.


It can be difficult to enter trance if you're afraid of losing control or don't understand what hypnosis is. This makes a lot of sense - the public perception is that you're put under hypnosis  Hypnosis isn't done to you - you do hypnosis and I guide you.


Learning how to drive a car is intimidating and confusing first, too. Once we learn how to do it, it's comfortable for life.


As a hypnotherapist I guide clients into trance, rather than induce trance myself. It's a subtle but important distinction - your trance is yours and yours alone. I simply help you to use it to navigate your mind efficiently and effectively. 

How much do sessions cost?

Private hypnotherapy sessions with me are $150 plus tax. I offer bundle pricing and discounts for up-front deposits. 

Health insurance companies are unlikely to pay for hypnotherapy. However, you can absolutely use your health savings account (HSA) to pay for sessions. Contact me for more information. 

Does remote hypnotherapy work?

Yes! Although I was at first skeptical of remote hypnotherapy, I have found that my clients respond just as well at home as in person. Most who choose remote hypnotherapy find that the privacy of their home allows them to be more open to the process, and some of the lessons tend to stick better when in your own space. 

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