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Hypnotherapy for quality of life

You are precious and deserve to be happy and healthy!
If you're not, we have work that we can do together.

By accessing the subconscious with hypnosis, you can find and address the internal obstacles that prevent you from living your life the way you'd like to. Whether you want a more fulfilling career, to find and keep good love, or to become the star you've always wanted to be, you can do it. Hypnotherapy helps you believe it and make it so.

Hypnotherapy for quality of life is a fun, collaborative, and beautiful process of healing, self-discovery, and goal setting. In less than three months you can have a whole new attitude about your life, entirely new habits to support you, and a sense of self-love and well-being you may have not thought possible. Millions have done it, and so can you!
Set and Meet Your Goals

Re-configure your mental programming towards progress and success. Gain confidence, security and the grit necessary to reach for what you truly want in life.

Resolve the Past and Heal Traumas

Feeling pain may be a necessary part of life, but suffering is optional. Release old resentments, wounds and traumas and free yourself to who you will become without the weight of the past on your back.

Heal Your Relationships

No matter how challenging our people can be, the best way to build a great social world is to build a great world inside yourself. By relieving negative emotions and reinforcing positive ideas, hypnotherapy stabilizes your mind and makes it easier to be peaceful, even around your biggest stressors.

Find the Power Within

Each of us contains a wellspring of pure, beautiful creative intelligence. When we remove the years of caked-on negative emotions, we are able to tap into that wellspring and become better, more expansive versions of ourselves

Reach Peak Performance

Whether it's sports, sales, artistic performance or any other human endeavor, hypnosis supports your triumph. Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan both used hypnotherapy to become the best in their sports - go for it!

Reveal Your Life's Purpose

Why here? Why now? Why this family? Why this body? Why these skills?

Your subconscious mind holds the answer to all of these questions. Find out how to best use what you've been given and make an amazing life for yourself.

Discover Your Intuition

Connect to your higher senses of awe, wonder, joy and delight for a richer life. Hypnosis allows us to bypass our critical thoughts and experience our higher nature un-self-consciously, and to bring that awareness into our every day lives.

Become Your Own Best Friend

Many of life's challenges have their roots in how we feel about ourselves. Learn the skills of self-love, self-confidence and self-respect and watch your life bloom!

Change your life from the inside out.

Set and Meet Your Goals

Are you unsatisfied with your life but unsure what's wrong? Do you have trouble with the project management of your own success?


Do you, as so many of us do, tell yourself you 'just need to get your [redacted] together?'


And when has that ever worked?


Most often, our inability to execute hinges not upon our actual worthiness or capacity, but upon our subconscious internal blocks and fears. Hypnotic trance is an incredible tool for breaking the gridlock that prevents action, from discovering what you actually want from life to finishing projects.


By relaxing and focusing inward, not only do our real wants and needs come into view, but the path towards them becomes much easier to see and much less scary to walk.


With your inner awareness at the forefront and bad programs remapped towards success, you can become the CEO of your own life: in touch with where you're going, self-motivating and consistent, and joyfully celebrating victories along the way.

Meet Your Goals

Heal Your Relationships

Good relationships in your life start and end with you - period.


Whether you're looking to become a better romantic partner, heal your relationship with toxic family members (living or otherwise), or make friendship and business relationships better, no tool compares with the improvements that come with liking and respecting yourself.


I emphasize internality and personal growth in all relationship work because the most foundational relationship we have is the relationship with the self. If your self is out of coherence with itself, most assuredly you are in some kind of combat with others. This can result in conflict, conflict avoidance, abuse, projection, victimization and all sorts of other nasty interpersonal patterning, performed in an unconscious manner.


The solution is to find resolve the internal forces that are creating external tension. Once seen through the open and non-judgmental lens of hypnotic trance, negative relationship patterns are extremely unlikely to persist. Whether the person or people whom you wish to relate to are alive or dead, actively in your life or at a healthy distance, you heal you and your relationships - always.

Heal Relationships

Reach Peak Performance

I believe in universal human excellence. Every single person is a star, with our own distinct zones of genius that harmonize together to produce a great world. Revealing that star quality in as many people as possible is my personal mission, and I enthusiastically accept clients who are looking to level up their skills.

Whether your zone of excellence is in the realm of sports, business, sports or artistic performance or caring and nurturing, my role as a hypnotherapist is to help you find your inner core of brilliance to hit the mark, every time.


A surprising number and variety of high-performing humans have used hypnosis to uncover their greatness, many of whom worked with hypnotherapists in my training lineages. From Sylvester Stallone to Oprah to Mozart, hypnotic trance has helped to produce some of humanity's most beautiful expressions.


All top performers know that professional assistance can help them reach the next level - why not you?

Peak Performance

Discover Your Intuition

The term 'hypnosis' is a catch-all for a number of different consciousness skills and exercises. Session by session, we develop use these different tools in a seamless way, bypassing negative beliefs about what we can and cannot do with our minds.


Hypnotic trance bypasses the critical voice that says this is not so, and therefore creates access channels to the things that make life on Earth worth it: joy, love, wonder and awe. These feelings are our birthright, and I delight in being able to serve others in experiencing them more and more.


I have spent more than half of my life(!) exploring altered states, mental skills training and consciousness development. I have a deep body of knowledge in a wide variety of theoretical frameworks of the mind, from the neuroscientific to the global esoteric/shamanic. In session, this translates to an expansive-yet-succinct transfer of skills and wisdom to access more of what you really are.


Wisdom, creativity, health and vitality flow from within, and through coherence developed in trance, flow out.


Become Your Own Best Friend

Our collective training advocates self-abandonment and self-denigration as a matter of course. After a childhood (or a half a lifetime) of diminished enthusiasm for ourselves, or worse, an education in self-loathing, becoming comfortable and happy in our own presence becomes an extreme challenge. But it does not have to be that way. If you suffer from low self-worth, self-respect or self-love, know that this is an optional and temporary condition.


Your inner self knows your own infinite value and positive qualities and through a series of sessions with me we can uncover the pathways for that inner self to be in the driver's seat more and more of the time. By maneuvering and reconfiguring the negative beliefs and self-deprecating programs that block your shine, your true self will show. And that innermost version of you is inherently likable, lovable and respectable.


If those sentences cause you to bristle and disagree, or make your inner critical voice shout out in protest - call me and we'll discover together that great person that's underneath.

Best Friend Forever

Resolve the Past and Heal Trauma

Correctly performed hypnotherapy is remarkable for transforming traumatic memories, and I am consistently educating myself on the best therapeutic techniques for release. A 2016 meta-analysis of hypnosis for PTSD illustrates that hypnosis and hypnotherapy consistently outperform other methods of trauma resolution!


This clinical edge is rooted in the ancient wisdom of the whole-self paradigm that I use as a hypnotherapist. A person is a whole, indivisible unit of mind and body, and effective treatment must be done in acknowledgement of the complexity and interconnectedness of the human person.

Heal Trauma

Find the Power Within

Question: What do folks who miraculously lift cars off of babies in an emergency, Einstein and you have in common?


Answer: the universal inner source of power.


Every human has the potential to solve all the problems of their lives. Unlocking that power, however, takes work, belief and the right tools. Hypnotherapy and trance work help us to reveal this source of power and, more importantly, to believe in it consistently enough that our lives can change.


Through the process of removing and eliminating blocks borne of negative thoughts and traumatic memories, your inner power can come online and drive your choices. No longer will you be at the mercy of the economy, your family, your bad habits, or your own inner demons - a power much stronger lives within.

Inner Strength

Discover Your Life's Purpose

Living without purpose is hard and sad and leads to dead ends. Living with purpose is energizing and attractive and creates virtuous cycles of growth.


Our purpose, though, can sometimes be clouded or unclear. We can lose our way to the forces of trauma and abuse, expectations of conformity and low-power mentalities or just plain bad luck. But life offers us tension-and-release cycles that fuel our destiny, and the symptoms causing you to seek assistance are all part of that cyclical, spiraling path. In those times when the path becomes hidden from your view, the map still lives within you.


Through a combination of inner child work, shadow work, archetypal analysis and plain old positive affirmations, I help people reconnect to their purpose and find the strength and confidence to live it. I love to see my clients' even more real selves at the conclusion of our sessions!

Life's Purpose

“I can do nothing for you but work on can do nothing for me but work on yourself!”

- Ram Dass, Be Here Now

life challenges frequently mastered with hypnotherapy: 

  • Feelings of anxiousness

  • Feelings of sadness

  • Strong fears and aversions (heights, flying, animals, etc.)

  • Balancing work and life commitments

  • Time management Healthy boundaries with screens

  • Testing confidence (ACT/SAT, GRE/GMAT/LSAT, professional licensing tests)

  • Public speaking confidence and professional success

  • Sales motivation and entrepreneurship support

  • Spiritual growth

  • Past-life awareness

  • Higher-Self Awareness

  • Quitting smoking or vaping

  • Better relationships with substances

  • Weight loss/body transformation

  • Exercise motivation

  • Athletic confidence and performance enhancement

  • Dream interpretation and lucid dreaming

  • Self-love, self-respect, and self-confidence growth

  • Improving romantic relationships

  • Becoming a better parent

  • Finding your life path

  • Connecting with your true self

  • Forgiving your past self

  • Forgiving others

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