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Hypnotherapy is dramatically effective in many of life's challenges, but shrouded in mystery and myth. 

Read on to learn about what hypnotherapy is and how it is used to heal. 

Hypnosis is a natural and ancient human skill that we are sorely underusing today.

Hypnosis is a modern term for a very ancient human skill. Evidence points to the use of trance states to calm and control the mind as early as 40,000 BCE. Trance was used then for the same purposes as today: accelerating healing, resolving emotional wounds, and finding our highest and best path through life.

The healing power of trance was re-introduced to European audiences in the late 18th century under the name mesmerism, then later, hypnotism.


Over the next two centuries, modern hypnotherapy evolved into a collaborative and effective process incorporating elements of Eastern philosophies, neuropsychology, neuro-linguistic programming, gestalt and parts therapies, and global wisdom traditions.

Entering into trance helps us to relax and work with the deeper levels of our minds that really drive our lives. By choosing to enter into a state of receptiveness and flexibility, we are able to change long-held patterns in both the body and mind, radically shifting our reality with the power of our thoughts and intentions. It's like magic, but it's real!

The mind and body are connected in ways that the scientific research community is only beginning to discover. Through research on placebos, emotions and the effect of trance states on our minds and bodies, medical consensus is beginning to reflect a picture of plausible mental intervention into dis-ease processes, both physical and mental.

When we look within ourselves, we can know this truth through our feelings. Our bodies' physical attributes affect our mental well-being, and our thoughts direct our bodies' behaviors and attributes, with emotions serving as the bridge

With hypnotherapy, we insert control into the connection between thought, emotion, and tissue. We transform the emotional bridge by reinforcing the positive elements and put ourselves in the driver's seat of our own mind-body systems. 

Hypnotherapy is backed by thousands of scientific studies and millions of anecdotal reports of success, including a seminal National Institute of Health-funded, randomized control trial run by the Hypnothereapy Academy of America (the institution where I did my training). 

Evidence is growing for the mind-body connection's central role in healing.

Hypnotherapy gets results by getting all the different parts of you on the same team.

We are wired to return to health and vitality. We know this when we get a scrape and watch it heal over weeks, or when we feel heartbreak and mend over months or years. The speed and success of healing depend on all aspects of our mind-body system cooperating towards the goal.


If our behaviors, bodies, thoughts, and feelings all cooperate towards reaching the same goal, we can avoid delays and roadblocks in the healing process.

This principle of coordination and solution orientation is the same whether the ailment is short- or long-term, big or small, physical or mental. 

With hypnosis we can quickly find and communicate with the elements within us that struggle with the healing process. Over the course of weeks, we will work together to gently and empathetically heal and align those elements, contributing to the overall effectiveness of any healing program or protocol.

The solutions and healing to be found in hypnotherapy are from you, by you, and for you alone. No one else in the world has the special combination of qualities inside you that is the key to your own success. As your hypnotherapist, I simply help you find, organize, and align these parts to help you achieve your best possible future.

I know how difficult it can be to find enthusiasm for your healing project, or the courage to live your life's purpose. It takes work and determination to overcome our challenges and become our best selves.

But I refuse to believe that healing itself must be difficult or painful in order to work. In fact, finding enjoyment in health is crucial to the healing process.


By experiencing my own healing process I learned that the most optimal attitude to overcoming dis-ease and misalignment is one of joy, grace, and confidence. I strive to cultivate a therapeutic relationship with my clients that celebrates them for who they are and lets their uniquely beautiful self lead the way.

The real emotional and physical breakthroughs that lead to healing occur in a safe and thorough way during trance. Disturbing and traumatic memories can be emotionally neutralized without re-traumatization through the hypnotic process, and years of suffering can be erased. 

And when we're not evolving and transcending past the difficult feelings, we inject positivity and pleasure into health-supporting activities. The result is a healing process that facilitates release and growth and appointments that you look forward to attending.

Taking control of your life can be fun, delightful even!

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