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trance class

A monthly 90-minute introduction to hypnotic trance

Cloud in the Sky

Can you really change your mind?

Most of us don't know how. 

Conventional wisdom tells us that learning and changing is harder for adults than children. It says that our new normal of feelings of depression and anxiousness, physical degeneration, etc., are hard-wired functions of our chemistry, controlled by faulty genes.


As a result, we get sadder, sicker and less empowered by the year.

But life doesn't have to be this way. It can be glorious - you can be glorious. You just have to learn how to change your mind.

Trance class trains mental plasticity through hypnotic trance. 

If you can change your mind, you can change anything...


Each month we'll take on a timely core lesson, from healing childhood traumas to effectively holding political grief to learning who you are.

Relax: Learn to truly relax your mind and body to induce self-healing and train in mental wellbeing

Confidence: use trance to change how you feel about your own self. Remove limiting beliefs with ease and replace them with more useful and positive thinking. 

Inner Work: Clean out mental debris with a a tried-and-true hypnotic technique to identify and fix your blockages. 

learn to change your world


Relax to Grow

Real, physiological relaxation is a skill that, in the 21st century, must be learned. Most of our lives are spent in a highly stressed state, and most of our our low-cost, low-effort options for calming ourselves are not very effective. Our modern favorite 'chill out' activities like scrolling, watching TV and doing housework do not count as relaxation, and can even make stress worse! 


Becoming adept at trance is the solution to our overstressed lifestyles. A 15 minute self-hypnotic trance can offer the same mental and physical benefits as a one hour nap.


Train Your Mind

Just like the body needs exercise to be strong and flexible, so does the mind. If you don't currently have a mental training program (and even if you do), hypnotic trance is a foundational  and buildable skill to increase mental strength and plasticity.


You can think of me as your fitness coach for training new mental skills, all towards better control and use of your mental capabilities. Once you've learned the basics of trance, developing new skills and ways of seeing life is easy and fun!


Change Your Programming

Most of what makes keeps us stressed, sick and unhappy is a result of automatic and unthinking behavior stemming from a reactive and untrained mind. We can quietly stir up all sorts of trouble for ourselves when we don't see and modify our patterns deliberately.

Your journey to mental mastery can be easeful, pleasant and fun with hypnotic trance. Learn to look at your patterns and programming with love and humor and to let them go easily and quickly.


Your life can be so good, all the time

It just takes some work!

Both beginners and those already experienced with consciousness and energy work can attend to get a crash course in self-hypnosis and using trance to positively affect your thought patterns, body systems and habits.

Join us to learn to relax, 

to look inward more clearly, 

to transform negative emotions, 

to learn to self-heal, 

to end procrastination, 

to own your talents and use them,

to give yourself more compassion, courage and confidence, 

to laugh and find joy, 

and to love yourself even better.  

This 90 minute intro includes a deep background on what hypnosis and trance actually are and how they're used, 2 hypnosis experiences and lots of laughs and positive energy for all.

I'm offering these classes for those who are curious about using hypnotic trance to improve their lives but unready to commit to a full series of sessions. Even if all you want is to learn to relax, trance class can be beneficial and rewarding for you. 

These classes are $30 each.


You'll also have access to support recordings to reinforce and practice the specific techniques of the workshop on your own.

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